Collect customer data efficiently and increase your sales.

With our boarding technology we help retailers around the world convert their customers into loyal customers.

Trusted by 950+ stores across 16 countries

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Trusted by 950+ stores across 16 countries

The most effective onboarding solution for retailers.

Customer onboarding

We provide a secure and easy way for boarding your customers.


Your customer checks in by providing their phone number to the shop assistant or by using QR or NFC technology.


Your customer receives an SMS text link and completes the registration process individually.


Your customer is on board and instantly receives a digital membership card on their mobile device.

Customer Onboarding Service of Accelerate2
System Integration Service of Accelerate2

System Integration

By using a modular design we can build tight integrations between our platform and your back-office systems.

CRM integration

Loyalty program integration

API integration

Text Messaging Service

We help you increase the contact frequency by sending SMS text messages in conjunction with digital vouchers.

Personalised customer journey

Boost customer engagement to 98%

Improve open rate to 90%

Text Messaging Service of Accelerate2

Customer on board?
Let’s increase your sales!

After your customer is on board we help you improve your customer loyalty and boost your sales instantly.

Local Activation

Approach local customers with personalised marketing messages. By handing out redeemable vouchers you can attract more shoppers to your stores.

Customer Lifecycle

Based on customer data and sales behaviour you can segment your customers. Reach them with personalised offers that will improve customer loyalty.

Consumer Research

Improve your stores by sending custom surveys to your consumers. This is a fast and affordable approach with real-time data and instant feedback.


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Different countries


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Why retailers use Accelerate2

Fast & Efficient

Our lightning-fast boarding technology saves time so you can sell more.

More Sales

Utilizing customer data effectively will help your retail stores generate more sales.

Safe & Hygienic

Onboarding takes place on the customer's device, which makes it extremely hygienic.

Insightful Data

Monitor and analyse all boarding data in our real-time data management tool.

GDPR Compliant

Accelerate is in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our platform is built for maximum scalability. You have a bright future ahead!

Ready to increase your sales?

With our platform, we’ve helped retail stores around the world generate more sales. Let us help you.

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